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Noida commuter woes: People use poor-lit under-construction road to reach nearby Delhi Metro station

New Delhi: Lack of proper lighting and walking through crisscrossing e-rickshaws on a narrow under-construction road connecting Noida's Sector-51 and Delhi's Sector-52 metro stations has become a harrowing experience for women, who say it is a "nightmare" using the route after dusk.

Not only women, other passengers including senior citizens, have raised concern over poor connectivity between the two metro lines.

At present, commuters have to exit at Sector 51 station of Noida Metro's Aqua Line and walk nearly 300 metre-long on yet-to-be-completed about 15-feet wide cemented road to board Sector 52 station of the Delhi Metro's Blue Line.

Around 4,000 passengers take Aqua Line at Sector 51 daily. A significant number of people board the Delhi Metro at its Sector 52 station on an average daily.

Commuters using these two metros blame lack of seamless connectivity due to poor planning of Aqua metro line.

"It is very risky to walk on this under-construction road to reach Sector 52 metro station after getting down from Sector 51. This narrow road is also used by e-rickshaws who follow no traffic rules while moving. It is like a nightmare to walk on this poorly-lit road in night," Shivangi Mishra, an IT engineer who commutes in the Aqua Line, said.

She questioned as to why Noida Metro authorities did not construct a safe passage for public to walk on before opening the metro for the commuters.

"Why to trouble commuters now? There is huge dust and one has to be very careful walking on this narrow lane. You can be hit by moving e-rickshaws anytime if you are not attentive," Mishra said.

Senior citizens travelling on the line have raised similar concerns.

"I do not understand why Noida Metro authority has not ensured seamless connectivity of its Aqua Line with Delhi Metro's Blue Line. We urge authorities to look into this issue urgently and help us," Rekha Dixit, a social worker, said.

"As soon as you get down from Sector 52 metro station of Delhi Metro Blue Line and proceed towards Sector 51 station, your path is obstructed by auto rickshaws parked haphazardly by their drivers in a bid to grab as many passengers as possible," Asma Khan, a software professional, said.

It is for this and other avoidable reasons that Noida Metro cards sale has dipped considerably in the little over four months of its operation. Some of Aqua Line stations have insignificant commuters to board or de-board, according to official data.

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