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No resolution on Rajiv Gandhi's Bharat Ratna return, says AAP

No resolution on Rajiv Gandhis Bharat Ratna return, says AAP

NEW DELHI: The AAP on Saturday clarified that no resolution was passed seeking return of Bharat Ratna from former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. In a damage-control strategy over the ongoing row, while the AAP said that the demand of such was the emotion of some individual members, the oppositions claimed that the resolution was passed in the assembly.

"The aim of the original resolution, moved by MLA Jarnail Singh, was only to help the victims of 1984 riots get justice. No resolution mentioning late PM Rajiv Gandhi was passed in the Assembly as being reported in the media," said Deputy CM Manish Sisodia.

Delhi Assembly Speaker Ram Niwas Goel also clarified the same. Goel told Millennium Post, "Being the Speaker of the House only I have the discretion to pass any resolution and amendment. The resolution which was passed has no mention of Rajiv Gandhi. However, MLA Jarnail Singh read the paragraph where he demanded revoking late PM Rajiv Gandhi's Bharat Ratna. I have neither accepted it as an amendment of the resolution nor Singh demanded such."

However, Goel observed that as per the laws of Assembly proceeding the said statement has been recorded officially but not added to the resolution.

The Delhi Assembly had on Friday adopted by voice vote the resolution which called for speedy trial of cases and termed anti-Sikh riots as genocide. AAP MLA Jarnail Singh, while moving the resolution, had mentioned Rajiv Gandhi's name and demanded the Bharat Ratna to the Congress leader be withdrawn for "justifying anti-Sikh riots". He had later said that the resolution was adopted.

Meanwhile, the opposition BJP has rejected such claims by the AAP and observed that the resolution includes the name of Rajiv Gandhi. "When the resolution the member read is passed by the voice vote in the Assembly and the piece he read had the mention of Rajiv Gandhi this means that the House has the whole thing on the record. Thereafter the House was adjourned and to keep this part of the resolution out from the proceedings House has not taken any such decisions," Leader of Opposition, Vijender Gupta told Millennium Post.

Gupta added that the denying of such resolution is the "worst" kind of politics which AAP is doing.

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