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No end to open burning of waste in Gurugram

GURUGRAM: Lack of expertise in effective segregation of waste is proving to be a biggest impediment in city's fight against toxic air. Even after the order by higher judiciary and warning by public authorities, garbage continues to be burnt openly in the city leading to deterioration of city's air.
Burning of garbage in the open is one of the major factors cited for poor quality of city's air. There have been complaints that the garbage is being dumped in the open.
This is in accordance with large amounts of garbage that is being discarded at the 30 acres land fill site at Bandhwari that is proving to be a health hazards for the residents.
There are also reports of garbage being dumped and burnt in the green belt of Aravallis.
With the burning of garbage now becoming a major source of problem, residents are now also planning to raise the issue to the Chief Minister. "The residents are already facing with the problem of the mass dumping of garbage at the vacant sites in the area. However, now what is worrying is that people have started burning the garbage causing immense problems for the citizens.
"Already the levels of pollution in the city have reached deadly levels. The failure of the MCG to deal punish people who burn garbage is only aggravating the problem," said Devender Sahay, resident of Sector 56.
"Even as the MCG plans to compost the waste, this idea is being discussed for a long time. As there was no action taken by the officials, it has caused citizens to dump garbage in large vacant areas in the city and burn them. Unfortunately most of them get away as the rate of punitive action by the MCG officials is extremely low," said Sarla Yadav, a city resident.

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