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No concrete measure yet, Ggn roads still cleaned by broom

Gurugram: Pollution caused by dust is one of the major factors in deteriorating air of Gurugram. However, there is still no concrete measure in solving this challenge. While there was an announcement that the roads will be swept through mechanised cleaning measures, most of the roads including the prominent ones like MG road, Golf Course road continue to be cleaned through brooms.
Experts asserted that cleaning dust by brooms have not been an effective medium in dealing with the dust pollution. Large scale construction activities, depleting green cover are some of the major reasons attributed to rise in air pollution caused due to dust. Though there have been mechanised trucks that have been contracted by the civic body, it seems to be very less.
At a time when the civic agencies are struggling to find an effective solution to deal with the pollution, the city's air quality is worsening by the day. On Sunday, the particulate matters 2.5 microns was recorded at the level of 215- 220 micrograms per cubic metre that is way beyond the safe limit of 60. There was also high concentration of other particulates like PM10, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide. According to experts, the climatic condition and less winds were only going to make the situation bad in the coming days.
"The haziness that has enveloped the city is enough for the authorities and the residents to know that air we are breathing is not healthy. Yet, the urgency that needs to be shown by the authorities is somewhere missing," said Ankita Rai, a city resident.
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