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Nigerian arrested for cheating people pan India

NEW DELHI: A Nigerian who has been illegally staying in India has duped several men on the pretext of buying folonic B12 oil for a company in Ghana. Accused, Gilbert Okoye Pedro, a Nigerian national, pretended to be a mediator in the fictional sale and purchase of the product between the Indian victim and the Ghanian company. Interestingly, the accused approached the victim on Linked he wins the trust of the victim.

He proposed a lucrative business to the complainant, of exporting herbal vaccination products (Folinic B12 Oil) from India to Ghana. He told the complainant that Folinic B12 Oil is required for producing vaccination for race horses for their clients and the same oil is produced in India by a company Mahavir Herbal Pvt. Ltd.Guwahati, Assam.

He further told the complainant that this oil was available in India at a very low price and that he would buy the same oil from the complainant at a high price, thus leading to a lot of profit. The complainant was lured into purchasing 5 ml oil from Mahavir Herbals, which again was operated by the accused. It later turned out to be nothing but honey. The same was given to the accused at a coffee shop in Connaught Place in person. The accused pretended to be convinced of the authenticity of the said product and paid Rs 86,000 to the complainant for the sample oil. He then asked the complainant to buy one-litre oil, which the victim did and paid upto 25 lakhs to the accused. "The accused used to make fake companies and lure victims to buy oil at cheaper rates and earn big profits by selling it. People never realised that they are dealing with the same cheat in emails," said Anyesh Roy, DCP Cyber Crime Unit.

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