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Heinous crimes in city dipped by 26.36% in 2016: Report

Delhi Police may have had a bright year when it comes to fighting heinous crimes, as the cases dipped below the 2015-level. However, in the last ten years, crime in Delhi has had a four-fold rise, despite the impressive work out rate in heinous crimes.

The police have this year registered an impressive workout rate dealing with heinous crimes as the police have claimed a 76.67 per cent work out in heinous crime cases. In 2016, 9,571 heinous crimes were reported against 9,896 in the previous year.

During the year 2016, 528 cases of murder were reported compared to previous year's 570 and have claimed to have registered a 77.46 per cent work out rate. The main motive behind murder cases were found to be old enmities (19.32%), sudden provocation (16.29%), sexual indulgences (12.69%), property disputes (8.33%) and only 7.77 per cent murders were related to a criminal activity.

The police have claimed that the use of crime mapping and identification of hotspots using the PCR, strategic deployment of forces, identification and profiling of criminals, action against drinking out in the open, visible presence of beat staff and community policing had a huge role to play in the reduction in heinous crimes.
In South Zone alone, there was a significant reduction of 32.69 per cent in heinous cases with 2,912 cases registered in 2016, compared to 4,326 in the previous year and have solved 75.45 per cent of the same.

The police have claimed that the detection rate in heinous crimes has increased to 12.82 per cent and the same has decreased by 26.36 per cent in 2016.
Although just like last year the murder weapons used in the commission of crime remained static as 36 per cent of murders being carried out by sharp edged weapons, 17 per cent criminals used blunt edged objects to kill and firearms came a distant third at 15 per cent.

However, Delhi Police won't be able to bask in the sun for long as the police have had a dismal record in solving criminal cases, as, shockingly, 86 per cent of motor vehicle theft cases remained unsolved. Before the ex-Police Commissioner, Alok Verma took charge, he was asked to concentrate on motor vehicle thefts by his predecessor, B S Bassi.

It was not just motor vehicle thefts which showcased a poor workout rate, as 85 per cent of robberies, 65 per cent snatching and 40 per cent kidnapping cases are yet to be solved by the Delhi Police.
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