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Attendant assaulted at Kherki Dhaula toll booth

In yet another incident of violence at Gurugram toll booths, a toll booth attendant was thrashed mercilessly at Kherki Dhaula toll booth late Saturday night.

The incident occurred at around 9.30 pm at toll plaza 10 of Kherki Dhaula toll booth.

The person who physically assaulted the toll booth attendant has been identified as Hoshiyar Yadav. Yadav is the former Gurugram block committee chairman and a
prominent citizen of Kherki Dhaula area. On Saturday night, the toll booth attendant asked Yadav to show his identity card of being a local as locals are exempted
from paying the toll.

This enraged Yadav and he along with his men physically assaulted the toll booth attendant. Not only did Yadav and his men physically assault the attendant but
they also caused massive damage by breaking the computer systems and the printing machines.

It is also believed that Yadav was drunk and was therefore not happy when being stopped at toll for a long time.

"It is definitely not safe in toll plazas over here. Besides violence, we continuously face rude commuters who often throw tantrums," said Kripa Singh, one of the toll
attendants. "The locals in the area are exempted from paying toll. However, they have to show their identity card for being given that exemption. When we asked
Yadav for showing his identity, he first started arguing with the toll attendant and later came into the booth and physically assaulted him," added Singh.

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