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They walked and talked in style but were thieves in disguise!

Not everyone who is attending a marriage party and is beautifully dresed is an invited guest. There are some who are feeding on our hesitations to question the smartly-dressed unknown faces.

Shabana and Sanjo are thieves, yet, they went to beauty parlours and wore expensive dresses that matched the high profile guests attending a marriage ceremony in five star hotels. They walked elegantly and gracefully.

They mastered the art of all etiquettes required to attend high profile gatherings but their eyes travelled 360 degrees in search of the jewellery carried by the bride or groom's mother. "Nobody suspected that these two smartly-dressed ladies would be thieves. The hosts did not suspect these women when they were went to the stage and that is why they went close to their target without any resistance," said B K Singh, DCP (New Delhi).

They searched for their target at posh areas of New Delhi in an auto. As the marriage processions started few meters ahead of the wedding venues, they quickly mingled with the guests dancing and singing.

As they entered the marriage halls, they eyed the bride or the groom's mother carrying the jewellery bag. Soon, they would reach the stage and sit next to their target and later steal the jewellery bags as the hosts were busy attending guests.

By the time the hosts used to realise that the cash or jewellery is missing, these woman would have travelled far in their auto waiting outside.

This gang travelled from Rajgarh in Madhya Pradesh to commit thefts in Delhi. The cops suspect that they have a wider network and would soon be sending a team to Rajgarh to explore who is the buyer of the stolen items they steal from marriage parties.

"Though these kinds of gangs usually involve kids but no such case has been found with this gang. They dressed beautifully to dodge the hosts and fled," said Rajender Prasad Meena, Additional DCP (New Delhi).
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