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These eateries are a boon for DU students, also easy on the pockets

As the rains settle down and the cool breeze continues to blow, students of Delhi University continue to enjoy their break time and a quick bite at different places near the University that serve mouth-watering and affordable meals.

Meals, being an issue for the college students, were a major problem until some small food joints cropped up to provide quality food at affordable prices.

One of the oldest and most famous canteens is the 'Panditji's Canteen' near the School of Open Learning. The canteen has been serving
students and visitors to the University since 1954.

After the daily grind of classrooms and pressure of examinations, students studying in different colleges gather and enjoy their leisure time, sittingand having discussions over a cup of tea or coffee. Panditji's Canteen provides a variety of mouth watering snacks for the students at prices thatsuit their pockets. The sweet samosa and sweet toast is the speciality of this canteen, which still attracts the ex-students.

"The canteen makes me feel at home. There is no other place where such delicious food with such amazing quantity is served; that to at
affordable prices", said Nandini, a student pursuing English Honours at DU.

Fast-food and a quiet corner is what the students need, especially at the time of examinations. For this, options for street food in the campus are endless.

Despite a number of noodle-selling points mushrooming on the streets of North Campus, there is no match for the Tom Uncle's Maggi Point, which sells more than 50 varieties of instant noodles. The unforgettable taste of the instant noodles makes this joint a must-visit spot for all foodies.

"While I find it incredibly hard to navigate through the complex roads of New Delhi's North Campus area, I can still find my way to Tom Uncle's Maggi Point with no assistance", said a student of Miranda House.

Another joint excelling in its variety of delicious momos is the Momo's Point. It is one of the oldest food joints running in Kamla Nagar, catering long queues of foodies all day long. With time, Momo's Point has made great additions to its menu, serving honey chilli potatoes fried, tandoori,steamed pork, chicken and vegetarian momos and many delicacies.

Very few people have doubts that DU is a foodie's paradise. For a newcomer, a walk through the campus will reveal a number of food joints thatsell the most delectable snacks. These places qualify to be the top hangout zones in the campus.
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