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1k anganwadi workers roped in to keep record of pregnant women in Ggn

The Women and Child Welfare ministry of the Haryana government has roped in the services of more than thousand anganwadi workers in Gurugram to get the pregnant women of the district registered.

The basic objective of this drive is to reduce the cases of female infanticide and abandonment of girl child in the district.

The services of over 1,144 anganwadi workers will be used by the government to register pregnant women in the district.

Officials of the state government involved in the project stated that the registration of pregnant women will allow better tracking procedures and will aid in reducing the incidents of female infanticide in the district.

The officials also mentioned that the data maintained will also enable the Central government to transfer the amount of Rs 6,000 to the accounts of pregnant women effectively.

In the Union Budget of 2017, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had announced that for better medical treatment, a sum of Rs 6,000 will be transferred to the bank accounts of pregnant women.

To fill in the shortage, certain members from the state government's Child and Welfare department will also be involved in registering the pregnant women of the district.

The recent data released by the Haryana government in January 2017 showed that the first time in twenty years, Haryana was able to achieve a sex ratio of 900 females to 1,000 males.

However, placed at the 18th position among the list of 22 districts, with the sex ratio of 883 females to 1,000 males, the district of
Gurugram remained a laggard in terms of maintaining a healthy sex ratio.

"Gurugram is the most prosperous district of Haryana, yet the challenge of female infanticide and parents abandoning a girl child remains a big challenge in the district. Unfortunately, it is not only the rural parts but also the urban parts which indulge in these shameful practices," said Poonam Yadav, the government official involved in the project.

"The registration of pregnant women will help the officials to effectively track the activities of the women and will prevent the women from aborting her female child, if she wishes to do so or is been forced by her family," Yadav further added.
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