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Imposter could fool politicians only because of his sheer confidence

Though Sanjay Kumar Tiwari could not even pass class X, yet his confidence was so high that he could easily impersonate high qualified lawmakers. His assertive tone brimming with confidence left the senior politicians unsuspecting. They never imagined that the person they are talking to is not actually the PA to Sonia Gandhi or BJP senior leader Ram Madhav himself.

This conman did meticulous Internet research of his high profile targets who were ministers and senior politicians. He selected those politicians who had high aspirations and wanted bigger roles in the party. After selecting the target, he never used to call them up but instead, maintained a protocol. He kept an assistant, his partner in crime, to call up the potential targets. The assistant, Gaurav Sharma, posing as a secretary to Ram Madhav used to say: "Sahab zaroori baat karenge aapse," (Sir wants to talk to you). The unsuspecting ministers, mostly from distant states like North-East and Bihar, fell in the trap. When the calls were transferred, Sanjay spoke in an authoritative voice giving an impression as if Ram Madhav himself is talking. Giving a call to Congress leaders, he pretended to be Madhavan, PA to Congress president Sonia Gandhi.

"He says he has the ability to convince people. He knew most of the time no cross verification was made. Also, he was careful enough not to use a single SIM card for more than 15 calls. He even broke his mobile phones to avoid detection," said Madhur Verma, DCP (Crime).

To avoid any suspicion, Sanjay often called the politicians to Delhi's party office be it BJP or Congress depending on the victim. When the politicians came to the office, he sent a boy looking for them and telling him that he is out of the office. It was then that the politicians were asked to hand over the money to the boy. Politicians who never thought that they would be duped in their own party office, easily parted after handing over the bag of money.
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