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New feature in BSES app to verify identity of inspection staff

NEW DELHI: To check the menace of imposters extorting money posing as discom officials, BSES on Monday launched a new option in its official app to verify the identity of its inspection staff.
The introduction of this innovative solution by BSES – one of the two electricity distribution companies of Delhi – follows numerous instances of fake discom officials coming to light over the recent years.
"BSES has introduced a novel 'BYPL Representative Check' option on their mobile app, which will let discom customers verify the authenticity of any official (meter reader, bill distributor, inspection team official etc) claiming to be from BSES," a discom release said.
"The feature has initially been rolled-out for BSES customers in east and central Delhi, and will soon be made available for customers in south and west Delhi", it added.
Advising consumers to verify the identity of BSES staff who visit their premises, a discom spokesperson said, "We have been routinely urging our consumers to be on guard against such unscrupulous elements."
Earlier this year, BSES said that it had busted two gangs of imposters in the Capital who extorted money from people in the guise of discom officials.
Seven impostors posing as BSES officials had been apprehended earlier this year and FIRs registered.
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