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Never encouraged violence in AAP: Kejriwal tells officers

NEW DELHI: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday met the officials of the Delhi government to clear the logjam between the government and the officials.
Kejriwal said that he has never encouraged any violence inside the party and there is a political conspiracy behind this logjam.
"People can say that I am stubborn but I never encourage violence," said the Chief Minister. He elaborated to the officials that the Cabinet or the leaders have no conflict with the officials and the Delhi government is just like his own "family".
"I do not have any issues with the officials and from the day one, I have considered the government as my family. The development of Delhi was not possible without the officials," said Kejriwal.
Talking about the allegation of the physical assault on the Chief Secretary, he said, "Political conspiracies are going on to weaken our work. They want to create problems in the government and urge for President's rule."
He also urged the officials that if any there is any problems, the officials should meet the CM to discuss the matter.
"I was saddened as you people did not talk to me before going to protest. If anyone wants to discuss anything, my door is always open. You should listen to both the sides in such issues and then take the decision what you want to do," he said.
The CM clearly mentioned that he always believes that the secretaries of the government are also a part of this family and he has no grudge against anyone.
"The secretaries are an important part of the government and I do not have any problems with them but politics is being done from the outside which is affecting the whole situation," he said.
However, according to reports, the IAS officers association members were not present at the meeting but junior level officials were present.
The meeting was arranged by Delhi Social Welfare Minister Rajendra Pal Gautam who is working to clear the deadlock between the government and its officials. Gautam had earlier met the IAS officers association to discuss the way out but the association said that no discussion can happen till the time CM gives a written apology.
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