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Network formed to spread mental health literacy

New Delhi: With an aim to bring mental health literacy to a population for whom the stigma of depression is the greatest obstacle, AIIMS experts have joined hands with US-based National Network of Depression Centres and formed National Network of Depression Centres in India (NNDC-I) at AIIMS on the lines of the US.

According to the experts, this network will connect all the medical institutes that treat mental illnesses. "Its purpose is to make people aware about mental illness. Esteemed medical institutes such as National Institute of Medical health and Neuroscience ( NIMHANS), AIIMS, PGIMER and PGIMER- Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital and VIMHANS have given optimistic opinion on how this agreement will prove to be a significant step forward in building an effective socio culture system to address the current ongoing mental disorder scenario in the country," the experts said.

The officials, NNDC, said that in addition to physicians, psychologists working in the field of psychiatry, social workers will also be linked to this network and brought to a platform. "Currently, all institutions are working on their own level. At the same time, people lack awareness of mental illness. Therefore, most people suffering from stress and depression do not reach the hospital for treatment.

NDDC-IE Patron, Air Marshal Naresh Verma ( Retired) said that there is a National Network of Depression Center (NNDC) in the US, with 25 institutes connected. Similarly, here too, NNDC-I was established on July 9, which is also being supported by the US-NNDC, which was founded by Dr Murli Rao, the psychiatrist of America's Lole Medicine.

Dr Nand Kumar, Professor, Department of Psychiatry, said that from this centre, hospitals located in AIIMS, Nimhans, PGI Chandigarh, Delhi-based RML Hospital and Ranchi have been aligned. Apart from this, experts from all institutions will be able to interact with each other and share the latest techniques. Moreover, with this there will be uniformity in the protocol of treatment for depression. The network will be used primarily to make people aware about mental awareness. Helpline number will be released soon.

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