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Neither Ramzan nor temperature could stop people from casting vote

New Delhi: A young woman in a veil walks straight to the polling booth in Jamia Nagar's Noor Nagar, a closer look takes the attention to a newborn baby in her arms.

Neither the temperature nor Ramzan could stop this young mother from stepping out of the comforts of her home and casting her vote in the sun with the baby. She is not alone, 81-year-old Mohammad Muslim walks with the help of a designer stick.

Neither his old age nor the cataract in his eyes that he contracted because of diabetes could deter this octagenarian Muslim man from walking slowly to the polling booth and casting his vote.

"I am diabetic, and of course old but I always make it a point to walk to the polling booth. If we do not cast our vote we have no right to brood over the results later. I could have easily sat back at home but when people see me walking to the polling booth they will at least take some inspiration," Mohammad Muslim said.

He was not alone, several other elderly men were seen at the polling booths.

"I brought my grandfather to vote. He was quite enthusiastic and wanted to vote at the earliest. We tried convincing him to vote in the evening but he was adamant. Finally, we gave up and brought him to the booth at noon and he is happy now," says Farhan.

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