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Nearly 90 percent of the samples that developed antibodies were asymptomatic

Nearly 90 percent of the samples that developed antibodies were asymptomatic

Gurugram: The results of the sero survey have shown an interesting trend from Gurugram which shows that nearly 90 per cent of COVID-19 patients in the district are asymptomatic.

In an official document of the Haryana health department, of the 1049 samples that have been chosen for the sero survey, 89.2 percent (936 samples) did not show any symptoms.

Moreover, 974 of the 1049 samples have also reflected that for over a month there have been no health problems that they experienced.

Other patients in the survey who developed antibodies mentioned symptoms like running nose, body ache, and headache, loss of taste, breathlessness and slight fever. According to health officials, most of the samples that were considered for the sero survey were in the age category of 40 -50 with 44 being the median age. High prevalence rate has been found in the people who were involved in the professions of shop owners, migrant labourers and health care workers. Of the 1049 samples the antibodies were found among 58 shop owners. At 48, the prevalence rate was 4.6 percent in migrant labourers and at 18, 1.7 percent prevalence rate was among health care workers.

Areas in Gurugram where large number of people had developed antibodies were Patel Nagar (85), Rathiwas (49), Sarai Alawardi (43), Palra (57), Sherpur (47), Bhorakalan (54), Inchhapuri (50), Daultabad (62), Badshahpur (48) and Aklimpur (48).

"The sero survey from Gurugram provides a trend that most of the people who may have contracted COVID-19 were unaware of them contracting it. Perhaps this also provides a trend that those who have strong immunity systems can get away with this infection quickly. It is dicey, however, because you may not be feeling the symptoms but in effect you are spreading this disease to a host of other people he is interacting with," said a senior official from Gurugram Health Department.

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