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Nearly 18 people arrested per day for crime against women

Nearly 18 people arrested per day for crime against women

New Delhi: On the sixth anniversary of Nirbhaya rape incident, Delhi has lesser good news for the citizens, as the Delhi police data showed that nearly 18 people were arrested every day for committing crime against women.

Since 2017, more than 13,500 persons were arrested by Delhi Police for their involvement in crime against women. In two years, the National Capital witnessed over 12,000 cases in which women were victims.

Even after the horrific incident, nothing much seems to have changed in the city and women continue to face harassment in all forms. The Delhi Police data accessed by Millennium Post claimed in 2017 as many as 2,146 rape cases were registered. Over the same period, 1957 cases solved and 2373 offenders arrested. In the year 2018 (till November 30), 1983 rape cases were recorded by police in which 2,179 persons were nabbed for the offence and 1832 cases cracked.

According to Delhi Police data, more than 1,400 rape cases have been reported this year till August. In 84.81 per cent of these cases, accused persons were acquainted with the victims in some way, claims the data.

The further analysis revealed that in 12.47 per cent of these cases, relatives of the victim were involved. In 2017, police investigation revealed that in 38.99 per cent of these cases, the accused were friends or family friends. Neighbours were involved in 19.08 per cent of rape cases, while the involvement of relatives was found to be 14.20 per cent.

When it comes to molestation, the Delhi Police recorded 6,488 cases in two years and over 7000 people involved in the crime were arrested. The investigating agency has solved as many as 5324 cases. Further analysis of data revealed that from 2017 as many as 1,196 cases of eve-teasing and 281 of dowry registered with law enforcement agency. "Police arrested 1,332 persons for eve-teasing and 342 for dowry," stated the data adding that 1,175 cases related to both crime were solved.

According to Delhi Police, curbing crime against women is a top priority.

"For women safety, several initiatives were taken by Delhi Police including Sashakti (self-defence programme), Himmat Application, women help desks and patrolling," said a senior police officer. Four districts of National Capital are being headed by women DCPs.

Police said that informing the civic agencies about dark patches in the city and directing BPOs to ensure the safety of woman employees while dropping them back to their respective residences, have also helped in curbing crime against women. The officer further claimed, whenever any woman complainant reports about any crime incidents in the police station, they quickly take action.

Meanwhile, after finding the dark spots in city, Delhi Police wrote to the concerned agencies to illuminate them.

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