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Narrow escape for family in Jasola from robbers who tried to break in

NEW DELHI: In the early hours of Monday, Rekha Tiwari woke up to sounds of repeated banging on her door of her house in Jasola Janta Flats.
Worried, she turned on the lights and woke her husband Ratnesh up, as the banging on the iron door only grew louder.
Ratnesh realised that robbers were trying to break into his house and rang his neighbours for help, but to no avail.
It turned out that many of the neighbours could not help them as the robbers had locked their flats from the outside.
Soon, the robbers broke through the iron gate and now only a wooden door stood between them and the Tiwaris.
"Scared is too less a word to describe what we went through. I was nearly crying when the thieves were banging on my door. The worst part was even when they knew we are awake and shouting, they kept on breaking the door," said Rekha, holding her six-year-old child.
Fortunately, one of the neighbours came to their rescue and the robbers fled the spot.
After they were rescued, the Tiwaris found out that at least 25 flats were locked from outside so that no one could turn up for help.
"We are lucky that the robbers ran away. Anything could have happened," said Ratnesh.
The residents of Jasola Pocket II DDA Flats are in a state of shock. They claim that incidents of burglary from inside the flats have occurred earlier as well.
"We are scared by this attack. How can we feel safe when robbers are attacking houses like this and locking us the inside. Police need to have a plan of action." said suhail, a resident of the Janta Flats.
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