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Narrow escape for 16 newborns as ceiling of govt hospital collapses

Gurugram: There was a narrow escape for 16 newborns after the part of ceiling of government hospital came off. Even though there were no injuries, the incident once again raised the risks to the patient in a hospital that has already been deemed dangerous by various agencies that have surveyed it.

For long Civil, Hospital has remained in poor shape. Such has been the condition that on multiple occasions the slabs have fallen off in the Government hospital. To reduce the burden of the hospital a new hospital was set up in Sector-10.

Yet, that has not reduced the number of patients coming to the Civil Hospital at Sadar where daily more than 1000 patients are being attended to the OPD. Even after a substantial amounts of money has been spent by the Government for the maintenance of the 43-year-old building, it has not improved the situation.

Having formally taken a decision to expand the Civil Hospital located in Sadar Bazaar area of Gurugram a major challenge for the state government is to accommodate the 900 students of the 100-year-old- government school.

In order to increase the capacity of patient beds, a new 100-bed hospital had to be constructed in the area presently occupied by the government school.

The coming up of the new structure will, however, result in the demolition of the Government school which was constructed in 1899. This plan has been stalled after protests by the teachers and the students. The plan however as of now has been put on hold and the officials are still mulling over the new locations where the structure can come up.

Facing immense infrastructure crisis, the management of the government hospital is now forced to consider the option of public-private partnership route for better medical services.

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