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N-E Delhi riots victims show solidarity for advocate Pracha

N-E Delhi riots victims show solidarity for advocate Pracha

New delhi: Supreme Court lawyer Mehmood Pracha on Monday said that he was summoned by the police over a meaner issue, the basis of which was to intimidate him for taking Delhi riot issues.

Pracha was attending an event organised by the victims of Delhi riots in solidarity with the lawyer. The victims, with tear in their eyes, were narrating the brutal incidents they had to witness due to the Delhi violence. Someone lost a brother, a son or a grandchild, but keeping that aside they came together in support with Pracha who they said is their only light.

"When there was no one Pracha sir took my case. The police was not registering an FIR or had refused to speak to us, it was then that Pracha sir contacted us himself and filed our complaint," a victim who was injured by a mob said.

Meanwhile, Pracha while speaking to Millennium Post said that he himself was baffled why he was summoned by the Chanakyapuri Police. "We kept asking the police why have they called us for interrogation but they told us that we have been summoned because we protested against the Pakistan embassy. But the truth is they want us to stop working. I am still baffle as to why we were summoned today," he said.

Pracha said that he will not stop working, no matter what.

"We have the constitution on our side and we will keep working for it. Their plan is to just threaten and intimidate us. But now the lawyer community has started raising their voices as well. From the Supreme Court to district court, every court all over the country have come out in solidarity, as this is an attack on the lawyer community as well," Pracha added.

The victims who said that Pracha was their sole reason to fight for justice said that they will stand by him till the end. "I was beaten up by the police when I was three months pregnant. They left me to die on the road. It was Pracha sir who took my case and it is because of him that I believe in justice," a victim at the event said.

Meanwhile, according to police, they have called Pracha to record his statement for a protest which happened in October this year. "He was not called for questioning. We just wanted to record his statement for a protest where DDMA guidelines were violated," the official said.

As per the official, the permission for the protest was denied. "It's not a new thing, we have called other people also for recording their statements in case they violated COVID-19 guidelines," the official said.

"After one half hour of unnecessary harassment I am still not scared. Pl give up on trying to scare an Ambedkarwadi. Manuwadi Mentality can never scare Ambedkarwadis.Take your best shot we will save Constitution of India at all cost from both inside and outside dangers. Jai Bhim," tweeted Mehmood Pracha on Monday.

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