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Murder of two women in Wazirabad: Suspect found hanging in Kanpur

New Delhi: More than 17 hours search of two teams of North Delhi Police ended after they found the body of the suspect involved in the murder of two women in Wazirabad area. The body was found hanging from a tube well in Kanpur Dehat with cut marks in his hand. Tablet possibly sulfate was found on the spot.
Police sources claimed that, the suspect identified as Mohit might have a plan that after the incident he would end his life. The body was first discovered by a sub-inspector in the field of Satti village three kilometers away from the native house of the person. A police team reached the spot and found things including blade, tablets, Aadhar card, Voter I-card. Two police teams were formed; one was raiding in Agra and other was in the native village of the accused.
Police Sources claimed that blood-stained clothes were also recovered from the spot and there were some injury marks on the body of the deceased. So far police have come up with the theory that the suspect was unhappy with his wife Premlata talking to another male which led to several altercations between them after the marriage which was held four months ago.
The police suspected that Mohit had killed his wife when she was sleeping and the incident was witnessed by Sonia (another deceased) due to which she was killed as the suspect did not want to leave any clue.
Deputy Commissioner of Police (North) Jatin Narwal stated that the suspect had estranged relations with his wife. Arguments continuous between husband and wife. Police sources claimed that dowry has emerged as another factor in the case. Premlata's father has told police that the accused had demanded Rs five lakh and a 150CC motorbike but he was given 110CC bike.
According to police, after drinking alcohol on the night of incident the suspect took the screwdriver and killed both of the women. "We will match the fingerprint of the suspected deceased with the prints in the screwdriver," said a police official. Police claimed that the CDR details of the person would give them the further clue of the incident.
Sources claimed that the suspect used to do the petty job in his village. In Delhi, he might have come to resolve the issue with his wife but things did not go well which resulted in the incident.
Cops trace suspect using wife's phone location
New Delhi: Mohit, a suspect in the murder of two women, came under the police's lens when they found the deceased Premlata's phone missing from the spot. Police claimed that from the location of his wife's mobile phone they were able to trace the suspect.
Police sources told Millennium Post that his wife was killed instead of being at the spot he was missing with her phone risen the suspicion. Police had no photos and also they did not get much clue from the neighbours in Delhi as the suspect had come to Delhi the first time. The police sources claimed that they have found two phones broken in the house they suspected that it might be of Premlata and Sonia (deceased) but during the investigation, they came to know that those phones belonged to Sonia and her brother.
Police sources further claimed that when they started sending the messages and tracing the location they learnt that the location was changing; in the first time they found the location in ISBT and the next location was in Kanpur. Sonia's father Raj Kumar was in Kanpur who later joined police team there as they had no photographs. Police first reached the accused's home in Panchlakh in Bhognipur area of Uttar Pradesh which was found locked. The police then asked several people including the family members of the victim about his whereabouts; they came to know that he did not meet any of them.
The investigation continued in the agricultural field in different areas till late night and at 5:30 am on Tuesday the body was discovered by police team. However, the exact motive behind the incident was still not clear. The suspect had two phones but his phone was found switched off and wife's phone was still on. Mohit lived with his wife Premlatha in Agra. His cousin, Soniya, lived with her father and brother in Wazirabad village. Since Soniya had a gallbladder surgery a few days ago, she needed someone to care for her at home. But with her father and brother left for their village in UP's Auraiya a week ago for some work, Mohit was requested to come down to Delhi and look after her.
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