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Motorists trespass pedestrian lane at ITO

Motorists trespass pedestrian lane at ITO

NEW DELHI: Several motorists could be seen on the small pedestrian road meant for the pedestrians near Pearey Lal Bhawan and behind ITO bus stop.

Though the Delhi police has recently put up barricades but bikes and scooty still go unchecked as there is no policeman at the spot. This has become a major inconvenience for the people on foot taking that route.

"There is no check. It has almost become a thoroughfare, motorists feel its there right to go on this small lane meant for pedestrians. Sometimes they are in high speed causing difficulty for the pedestrians and office goers who normally take this route after they come from the metro," said a local shopkeeper.

During the evening, the motorists coming from Delhi Gate side are seen avoiding the red light and traffic jam at ITO and riding through a small elevated lane just behind the ITO bus stop. Sometimes during the rush hour, the bikes are seen in a beeline on this route. They normally bypass the traffic at the red light and try saving some time. In the process, they throw traffic rules for a toss.

"Nobody seems to bother, the two-wheelers here have become a menace. If a traffic policeman even stands here it would prove as a deterrent. The irony is the Delhi Police Headquarter is just a few meters away. At least some mechanism should be devised so that this daily practice is checked. Pedestrians might get hurt if they continue," said a daily commuter.

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