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Most historical monuments in and around Gurugram losing their sheen

Gurugram: The scenario of urbanisation causing extinction was recently witnessed after some media reports suggested that the baoli (well) in Badshahpur, which is more than 100 years old, was being filled so that road can be built. The issue received a favourable response from the residents of the city after the news was reported by certain sections of media.
Responding on the issue, the Haryana Urban Development Authority officially stated that a solution will be found where the baoli will not be covered up. While the baoli may have been saved as of now, most other historical monuments in and around the Gurugram city is slowly getting degraded with some being on the verge of extinction.
Even though the past of Gurugram is not widely known, the city that gets its present name from Guru Dronacharya has been vital part of kingdom of Delhi. It has the monuments not only dating back to Mughal but also the Prithiviraj Chauhan era, all of which are today deteriorating due to public apathy. The most prominent among this degradation is the Badshahpur fort. Having been constructed in the year 1216 AD, the historical structure today is facing the challenge of unchecked encroachment. Over the years, there have been more than 150 residential structures that have come around the fort. Ironically even though the monument is being figured in the state government's tourism site, no measures have been taken to preserve the rich historical tradition.
The bundh (artificial water body) that is at a stone's throw from the fort, is facing similar fate. Set up during the Mughal era's time, the land has been taken by the locals in the area.
Another historical monument that is degrading owing to public apathy is the Sheesh Mahal that was built in the mid 1700's by a Mughal vassal. Over the years, various historical events were held at the place which also included the war between 1857 mutineers and the British.
Presently, a lot of complaints have been received about the place being used by drug addicts. Within the city centre, most of the bundhs created during the British times have been filled up.
The department of archaeology and museums, Haryana government recently stated that a special restoration plan would be designed for the historical monuments in Gurugram.
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