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More than 6,500 in Capital now own a licensed weapon: Data

new delhi: As of the end of last year, there are over 6,500 people in the Capital who own a licensed weapon, according to data compiled by the Delhi Police's Licensing Unit, which said that while 6,263 arms licenses were renewed in 2020, 468 new licenses were issued.

In total, the Delhi Police has issued 980 licenses for various purposes, including arms, lodging and registration certificates, in 2020. They also ended up cancelling over 120 licenses.

According to the data, 83 of the cancelled licenses were for arms and 17 were for lodging at guest houses and hotels.

About 388 casual performance licenses were issued during last year. Nineteen lodging licenses for guest houses and hotels were issued and 587 lodging licenses for guest houses, hotels were renewed.

The police added that 114 registration certificates for eating houses were issued, 215 registration certificates for eating houses were renewed and 21 registration certificates for eating houses were cancelled.

Moreover, 176 authentications of declarations of newspapers were done last year. Whereas last year, 76 annual, bi-annual inspections of cinema halls, eating houses, explosives material shops including petroleum, CNG and LPG stations were conducted.

Joint Commissioner of Police (Licensing) Devesh Srivastava said before issuing an arms license, they check the threat perception of the person who is asking for the license. "We check the genuineness of the needs of the person, criminal antecedents and whether the person is in fit medical condition," he said.

While giving licenses to eating houses, the police check whether the eating house has NOC from the fire department, trade license from concerned municipal authority and the Delhi Pollution Control Committee's (DPCC) consent to operate.

According to police, the licensing system provides important regulatory leverage, empowering them to successfully manage law and order, ensure public safety, curb crimes and thereby serve the society in a better and transparent manner. "The main objective is to preserve public order, regulate traffic and prevent obstructions, inconvenience and danger to the citizens through a transparent system," the official said.

As per the official, the licensing unit has also adopted the principle of management by exception by which the majority of license holders are afforded all possible assistance within the ambit of law and only the anomalous cases, which deviate from the normal, are taken up for in-depth scrutiny. "This is a major cultural and professional shift in the functioning," the official said.

Police said to ensure that the licensing process becomes easy and transparent and maximum convenience is provided to the citizens (customers) in dealing with the unit.

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