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More than 21 lakh public transport vehicles challaned in last three years

More than 21 lakh public transport   vehicles challaned in last three years

New Delhi: Since 2016, more than 21 lakh public transport vehicles in Delhi prosecuted for flouting traffic laws and plying without proper documents. The traffic police also took action against over two lakh e-rickshaws for various traffic offences.

The Delhi Police data claimed that the highest prosecutions were of taxis around 8,46,312 then came three-seater auto rickshaws (TSR) 74,94,54 prosecutions.

"DTC buses-18,400, Gramin Sewa-1,09,056 and charted buses-1,58,989 prosecutions done in three years," claimed Delhi Police reports.

The Delhi Police data further claimed that in the year 2018, as many as 9,36,293 public transport vehicles were prosecuted which include 70,298-charted buses, 38,751-Gramin Sewa, 5,510-DTC buses, 2,96,947-TSRs and 3,13,158-taxis.

In 2017, as many as 7,02,722 public transport vehicles prosecuted including 58,709-charted buses, 45,169-Gramin Sewa, 7918-DTC buses, 2,64, 516-TSRs and 3,26,410 taxis."

In 2016, the prosecutions were around 5,12,160 (29,982-charted buses, 25,136-Gramin Sewa, 4,972-DTC buses, 1,87,991-TSRs and 2,06,744 taxis).

According to Delhi Police, to rein indiscipline public transport vehicles and ensure passenger safety, special drives were launched against public transport for flouting traffic laws and for plying without proper documents.

"Delhi Traffic Police initiated measures for ensuring traffic discipline by buses for the safety of commuters and for enhancing the security of women, children, physically challenged and elderly persons," said city police annual report 2018.

The report further claimed that the integrated checking of various traffic violations along with the staff of the local police and PCR also conducted at various identified locations throughout the city on daily basis. "On an average, around 30-35 locations are covered to check traffic violations in various parts of Delhi, wherein around 115-125 traffic police personnel, 90-100 police personnel from local police, along with PCR vehicles deployed during checking," added the annual report.

City police also launched special drives against e-rickshaws for unauthorized plying and other traffic offences. Last year, as many as 1,58,108 E-rickshaws were prosecuted for various traffic offences. In 2016--26,472 and 2017-1,15,258 prosecutions took place.

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