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More power likely for Delhi govt school bodies

More power likely for Delhi govt school bodies

NEW DELHI: The education department of Delhi is likely to give more power to the School Management Committees which are formed with the representatives of 75 per cent parents. This was stated in an affidavit that the government's Directorate of education filed with the Delhi high court last month.

The Right to Education Act, 2009 mandates an SMC in every government-funded school. It should consist of 16 members of which 12 are elected representatives of parents, and the rest would be the head of the school, a teacher, a social worker, a local councillor or MLA. A monitoring body, the SMC also prepares and recommends the school development plan.

The affidavit was filed on February 22 in reply to a petition that claimed that the SMCs were defunct in government schools. Rejecting this, the DoE said in the affidavit, "Circulars have been issued from time to time for effective functioning of SMC and the SMCs have been performing the functions as laid down in the Act and Rules."

"The SMCs act as a bridge between the school management and the community from which the students come to attend these schools. The involvement of the community in the management of schools plays a very vital role in the overall development of students, the school management and the community itself," said an official.

Each SMC comprises 12 elected parents of students, the school Principal, 1 teacher, 1 elected representative and 1 social worker. In 2015, for the first time parents were elected out of eligible parents of 16 lakh children. 12,000 parent members positions were filled in over 1,000 schools run by Delhi Government.

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