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Mobile apps to promote Urdu

Mobile apps to promote Urdu

New Delhi: For the promotion of Urdu language, NCPUL (National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language) is planning to make the learning of Urdu language easier and pocket-friendly by developing mobile apps for the same. The mobile app would focus on teaching Urdu calligraphy along with the pronunciation of the Urdu words mostly used in day to day life. It also plans to rope in Bollywood personalities for the promotion of Urdu language and is in talks with several lyricists and actors.

"Through mobile app, we intend to rope in the youngsters who do have a craving for the language but somehow couldn't find time or space to learn it. Through the app, the Urdu language would be easy to learn and speak. We are designing it in a way so that it's user-friendly," said Dr Aqil Ahmed, Director, NCPUL.

A three-day international World Urdu Conference is also being organised in Delhi from March 18 to 20 by the organisation for the upliftment of Urdu as a language. Interestingly, eminent Urdu scholars (whose mother tongue haven't been Urdu) from abroad will be participating from Canada, Russia, France, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Denmark, Japan, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Mauritius and would be delivering their papers at the conclave. Urdu research scholars from 35 universities too have been invited in the conference.

The organisation has also sought list of all madrasas in country both registered and non-registered and plans to promote the language through effective participation at the ground level.

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