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Milder new infections causing faster recoveries and fewer deaths: Ggm Health Dept on Covid-19

Milder new infections causing faster recoveries and fewer deaths: Ggm Health Dept on Covid-19

Gurugram: From the last week of December onwards, Gurugram has been witnessing a steady decline in the number of COVID-19 cases.

For a district, which in the second week of November had an average 200 daily new cases, it now is reporting around 24 to 30 cases every day. More importantly, the rate of recovery has also increased and from 1,000 active cases, it has now come down to just 278 cases. Also, there are also fewer deaths being reported due to


According to officials of the District Health Department, January onwards, an increased number of milder cases started to be reported. Officials have highlighted that the dangerous strain of COVID-19 virus may have weakened in Gurugram which may be resulting in milder cases being reported.

With milder cases of COVID-19 being reported, most of the patients getting infected with the disease often have symptoms of light fever, sore throat which is getting cured after two weeks of self-isolation. Health officials have also highlighted that there are also a smaller number of patients using oxygen cylinders now.

According to official data, there are 40 patients in Gurugram who are currently in the hospital for the contagious disease.

The decrease in the number of cases comes at a time when the process of vaccination in Gurugram is underway, in which over 38,000 people have received at least one dose of the jab. While health officials have expressed satisfaction in milder cases of COVID-19 being reported they are still alerting citizens to not be careless in their approach.

"There are faster recoveries and fewer deaths but it is not that fresh cases of COVID-19 are not being reported. We need to be careful and make sure that we take all precautions until the process of vaccination is completed," said Dr Virender Yadav, Chief Medical Officer Gurugram.

As cases of COVID-19 continue to show a downward trend beginning from December, there has also been a huge decline in fines being levied on people for not wearing masks in public places. Till February 14, there have only been 1,225 fines that have been levied for not wearing masks in public places.

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