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'Meter kharab hai, kaha jayenge?' Auto drivers back to usual business

Meter kharab hai, kaha jayenge? Auto drivers back to usual business

New Delhi: "Kaha Jayenge sahab?" Whenever you step down from the stairs of the Nizamuddin railway station you would be flocked by several auto drivers, all trying to lure you into their auto. However, when you tell them a location not matching theirs, ample chances are that they would refuse. In fact they do, when a person tries to confront them, they have numerous excuses to get away. This is happening at almost all railway stations and busy marketplaces in Delhi.

"As I tried finding an Auto at Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station, most of them refuse to go once you tell them the location. They only agree if it fits their set of parameters, least bothering if the passengers would be stranded. I had to walk until Bhogal to get an auto," said Manoj, a commuter who came to Delhi.

People also complain that agreeing to go to the location isn't just enough, most of the Auto drivers overcharge with no set standards. They demand according to their wish with no fear of law or prosecution leave aside the inconvenience caused by them to the commuters. "I thought Uber and Ola would somehow tone them down and the passengers would benefit. However, nothing substantial has happened and the autos keep on overcharging. The only option left with a commuter is either to comply or wait and look for another auto. This not just wastes time but also embarrass the commuters," said another passenger.

Some passengers have also complained that many autos if confronted have another set of excuse ready. The Non-functional meter excuse. "Meter kharab hai madam, they simply say that the meter is not working, so you are left with no other option than to comply with their unreasonable demand. You are not equipped to test the working and the non-working meter so either you pay or wait for another one," said Shikha, a passenger.

The Delhi Police has prosecuted over 3 lakh autos in 2018 for different violations. "We have prosecuted 2353 autos for refusal and 1164 for overcharging and misbehaviour in the year 2018 until December 31. We do urge people to call us at traffic helpline 011-25844444 or sms at 56767. The complainant can also reach us online on Delhi Traffic police website and even post a picture of the erring vehicle in a specific column," said a senior Traffic Police officer.

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