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Members of inter-state narcotics racket hid ganja inside car's rear seat

NEW DELHI: The of Special Staff of South East Delhi Police has busted an inter-state narcotics supply racket, wherein marijuana (ganja) used to be transported by car from remote parts of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh border to Delhi-NCR.
123 kg ganja, worth Rs 50 lakh was seized by cops, in addition to the arrest of four key members of the gang, police said.
Cops are now conducting raids to arrest other members involved in the racket.
What police found interesting was the modus operandi used by the accused, who would modify cars for the purpose of smuggling narcotics.
The rear seat of their car was specially designed to contain a chamber underneath.
"A watch was being kept in south east district on small time ganja sellers. In recent weeks, there was information about some drug peddlers who had supply chain of huge quantity of ganja from distant states like West Bengal, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh to Delhi-NCR. It came to light that the gang was using private cars to transport Ganja from these states," said DCP South East Chinmoy Biswal on Monday.
On January 4, around 9 am, a Tata Indigo Manza car coming from Badarpur was stopped at a police picket.
During search, 88 kg of ganja was recovered from the car and its occupants Jagbandhu Patra (27), a resident of Odisha's Balasore, and Rajgir Kumar (32), resident of Bihar's Patna were arrested .
Two more accused, Mahinoor and Murtishankar, were also arrested later.
The chamber in the backseat was so cleverly that on a cursory look, it was impossible to detect it.
Similarly, the boot space of the car had a secret deep space.
The modifications were done to secretively transport the ganja and avoid detection.
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