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MCG prepares to welcome large number of lady councillors

Gurugram: The Indian parliament may be struggling to get consensus for 33 per cent reservation for women but there will not be such difficulty in the civic body of Gurugram where 37 per cent of women are sure to be councillors due to government's reservation.
Twelve out of 35 wards are reserved for women this Municipal elections. The Haryana government has further announced that the mayor selected will also be a woman councillor.
While the participation of female candidates are expected to bring in the women power, many voters expressed skepticism as it is their husbands who are the key policy makers.
The reservation of particular wards has resulted in political parties like BJP and INLD have provided an opportunity to their women political workers to be the councillors.
While 40 per cent of the candidates elected for 35 municipal wards by the BJP are women, seven out of 20 wards contested by INLD are female candidates.
Not only the political parties but a large number of women candidates are also contesting as independents.
Even as the Haryana government claims that this is another major move towards women emancipation in the state, many voters still are not sure of their role in whole.
Many voters have highlighted that behind the scenes it is not the female candidates who are calling the shots or will be the key decision makers after the process.
"Every hoarding where there is a woman candidate there is also the picture of her husband in the back ground. In my view, the real emancipation of women will come when they will be independent to take the key decisions. Unfortunately that does not seems to be the case in today's scenario," said Anjali Bhargava, a city resident.
"Ultimately it depends upon the will of the woman to come out of the shadow and take the initiative to improve the system. In the democratic process you will ultimately be known by your work than the name," said Rama Rani Rathee, former councillor.
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