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Massive support for Delhi govt's free travel scheme: AAP

NEW DELHI: The Aam Aadmi Party on Sunday claimed that in the ground the leaders got "massive" support from the people for Delhi government's free travel for women scheme. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had announced earlier that the Aam Aadmi Party shall seek public opinion and suggestions from the people of Delhi regarding the proposal to make transport for women free of cost.

Kejriwal had directed AAP MLAs, councillors and the Women Wing of the party to organize small public meetings across the city to engage directly with people on the issue.

In accordance with his direction, the public meetings have begun 8th June 2019. Over 200 such meetings have been held across the city over the weekend.

"The AAP is receiving phenomenal support from the people for its proposal to make public transport free for women. Over 95% of the people surveyed were in favour of the scheme proposed by Arvind Kejriwal and among women the support is a whopping 100%. The popular perception is that with easier access to the Metro, women will have a secure environment to travel in and will enable them to travel to far-flung locations for employment hassle-free," noted AAP in a statement.

It added that the survey reveals that the most enthusiastic support for this proposal is among women from economically weaker sections who were forced to use non-Metro transport options for travelling to work, which they found to be unsafe environments.

"The Delhi government's scheme to make public transport free for women will help such women travel for work in the sanctuary of the Delhi Metro and buses. Women of the city are waiting with bated breath for the rollout of this scheme. Along with their support, people have also offered the government several workable suggestions for the smooth implementation of the plan. The Delhi government will consider all such suggestions and feedback and incorporate them into the final plan after due assessment," noted the party statement.

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