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Massive sanitisation drive in GB Nagar & Ghaziabad

Massive sanitisation drive in GB Nagar & Ghaziabad

G B Nagar/Ghaziabad: Massive sanitisation drives have been started, from Thursday, in and around the identified hotspots areas of Gautam Buddh Nagar and Ghaziabad districts with the help of high pressure water mist machines and other innovative technologies. Officials said that the sealing period will be used for active case finding and intensive sanitisation with containment of people.

In an innovative plan using technology to reduce the risk of sanitation workers getting exposed to deadly novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19, the Noida Authority has devised a plan to use drones to spray disinfectant.

"Each drone camera has payload of five litres of disinfectants and can cover an area of 2-3 kilometers in its one time air drive of 25 minutes. Through this effort, we not only safeguard the sanitation workers by sharing the load to a large extent but also ensure disinfecting densely populated slum areas," Indu Prakash Singh, officer on special duty (OSD), Noida Authority told Millennium Post.

The officer further said that Thursday's sanitation drive was carried out in sector 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and sector 10 of Noida including the slum dwellings. "Intensified sanitation drives using water mist machines and drones will continue in upcoming days all over the city. We also welcome all drone owners, who are interested to help, volunteer to come forward to participate in this project," Singh added.

The Noida authority has also installed two disinfectant tunnel and COVID-19 hand wash stations at authority's office in sector 6 and sector 39 of Noida. Officials said that any person entering authority premises including the officials will pass through the tunnel and will get fully sanitised through disinfectant spray present inside the tunnel.

Sanitisation of hotspots is also being undertaken by Greater Noida authority across the city through top and side mounted high pressure mist spray machines. Officials informed that these machines have a capacity to disinfect a larger area through air pressure with less water usage.

In Ghaziabad, officials from fire department in corroboration with municipal authorities have been appointed for sanitisation and sprinkling disinfectants. An intensified watch on the area is being kept by drone cameras. A senior cop said that all 15 fire fighting vehicles are busy in sanitisation work.

Meanwhile, the residents from several high-rise and RWAs complained of the complete lack of supplies or preparations to ensure continuity of the essentials. They complained that the supply of milk and vegetable didn't reach the sectors early Thursday morning while the grocery shops remain shut. However, concerned

authority claimed that there was no complaint of lack of essential need items in any area of the district.

Apart from this, there remained a confusion among the officials regarding the area to be sealed, services to be allowed and other details. "As it was the first day of district sealing, some points might have not been conveyed to police officials deployed to look after arrangements. We have issued written directions to each police stations areas around the

district and have directed them to follow them," said a senior police officer from Ghaziabad district.

Similar directions were issued by Ghaziabad police as well to all their police stations.

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