Massive crowd attends iftar feast at Jama Masjid

Massive crowd attends iftar feast at Jama Masjid
New Delhi: Six-year-old Fatima travelled with her parents from Rohini to Jama Masjid on Thursdat, to attend the first iftar of the holy month of Ramzan. Her parents sat in the courtyard of the historic mosque, alongside the large Dastarkhwaans spread between two queues where the iftar feast was served.
"It has been a delight to end our fast at this holy place, where you feel high on spirituality. We just made it a point to be here during iftar," said Azhar, Fatima's father.
The first day of the holy month of Ramzan in the Capital witnessed heavy crowds, with men and women alike gathering in large numbers at Jama Masjid to break their evening fast.
With recital of the evening magrib azaan concluding at the mosque, devotees broke their fast with fruits, dates and other delicacies. Special arrangement was also made for sharbat.
The weather too gave some respite during the iftar, as slight drizzling in the evening made the atmosphere even more blissful.
Sakira has come from West Bengal with her family, as has been her practice for the last several years. And this year's visit is equally special.
"We have been here before, but we always make it a point to at least visit the place once during Ramzan. After iftar, we walk down the market and do some shopping, besides having some good food in the area," Sakira grins.
Ramzan is considered the most auspicious month of the Islamic calender, comprising intense prayer, dawn-to-dusk fasting and nightly feasts.
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