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Many DU colleges incur loss as allotted residences for principals lie vacant

New Delhi: Around a dozen of colleges incurred a huge loss and will also be on the verge to face the suspension of a grant from UGC as most of the allotted spaces for principal residence established inside the campus are lying vacant for many years. Moreover, many of the principals associated with these colleges are residing outside and colleges administration which are getting special grants, spend huge amount to maintain these bungalows.

According to an official, "Various colleges affiliated to the Delhi University had established bungalows for their respective principals so that they could stay in the college premises and reason behind this decision was that if the principal could stay within the premises, he/she could have a better control over the administration and also could give proper time to the staff and students. However, in recent inspection theses villas were found to be abandoned.

Professor Hansraj 'Suman' (Former member of Academic Council, Delhi University) said that the colleges like Hansraj College, Karorimal College, Ramjas college, Hindu college, Shayama Prasad Mukherjee college, Vivekanand College, BhimRao Ambedakar College, Rajdhani College, Bharti College, Kalindi College, Satyawati College were among the few collgese. He also said these residential accommodation were established with a vision that the principal could spend maximum time for students and treachers as well as employees.

Professor Suman said, "Some of these accommodations were left abandoned for a long time, because the permanent principals have not been appointed and some of the official do not wish to live in these accommodation because their house rent allowance would be deducted as per the seventh pay commission and it would cost him around Rs 35-45,000 as per the rules but if both the couple is in service, the deduction will be much more."

"For the renovation of these bungalows, the colleges get their hands on the UGC grants but they still are abandoned as told by Professor Suman. The UGC Grant covers the renovation cost in lakhs and even though some colleges use it for the destined purpose, yet the principals do not live in them," he added.

The colleges are facing a huge loss and they are stating that since the principals have decided not to live in these bungalows, the UGC and the administration of the college are in a huge loss. In this context, the colleges where the principals have not stayed or presently are not staying, should be held guilty and be punished with putting a stop on their grants and also ask for the data of last five years.

He has also requested the UGC to ask the colleges to issue a notice stating the reason for issuing the special grant to these colleges in future where the principals will stay otherwise there would be a cease on the grants.

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