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Manoj Tiwari dedicates 100 e-rickshaws from MP fund

Manoj Tiwari dedicates 100 e-rickshaws from MP fund

New Delhi: Delhi BJP president Manoj Tiwari dedicated 100 e-rickshaws from his MP fund for better sanitation in his constituency, the announcement made at Karawal Nagar on Sunday. The Delhi BJP president said that these e-rikshaw will be used in those wards in which the population is very dense, lanes are narrow and no proper sanitation resulting in filth and squalor in the area and the people suffer due to spread of serious diseases. He said that these e-rikshaws will not only remove garbage from narrow lanes but help the people along with sanitation workers in maintaining sanitation in the area.

He further said that these e-rikshaw have cameras and modern GPS system. After receiving complaint these e-rikshaw will go to the place with garbage and before removing it and will take a photo. It will also take another photo of the place cleaned after removal of garbage. MP Tiwari informed that he had received the proposal to purchase 100 e-rikshaws at the estimated cost of rupees 2 crores 47 lakh and recommended for releasing this amount from the MP fund and now we are ready for giving a better service with the help of these e-rikshaw.

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