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Man with only 15% heart function undergoes spinal surgery at ISIC

New Delhi: A 69-year-old patient, Dharam Pal, underwent a major spinal surgery at the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, with the patient's heart functioning at only 15 per cent and had very little chance of survival but post-operation, he is having a better life.
"Dharam Pal had a history of bypass surgery four years ago, when he had suffered multiple episodes of heart attack. His heart condition was further deteriorating due to his present condition. He had weakness in his right lower limb and had developed contractures in the right ankle, limiting physical movement completely. Furthermore, the patient was suffering from diabetes and hypertension which complicated the matter further," said the hospital authority.
"We conducted Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and found that the patient suffered from large extruded L4-L5 slip disc with Lumbar canal stenosis, which puts pressure on the nerves passing through spinal cord. The host of associated complications made him a challenging case for surgery," said Dr Gururaj Sangondimath Consultant and Unit head, Department of spine surgery.
"Especially with only 15 per cent heart function, the patient had low chances of survival. The pain had grown so severe that the patient opted for surgery despite of risks to the life," said anesthesiologist Dr PR Chauhan.
The doctor further said that very few cases have been operated in the world with heart function of 15 per cent.
The whole team of cardiologist, anesthesiologist, spine surgeons and physicians discussed the case in length and planed all the possible preventive and precautionary measures. Pacemaker sheath was put to be ready if any cardiac event happens.
Throughout the surgery, utmost care was taken to maintain his blood pressure and blood volume.
Dharam Pal underwent a 2-hour-long successful surgery, and post operation he was monitored in ICU.
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