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Man who killed 6-yr-old, sold mobile to throw cops off trail

New Delhi: A man on Friday was arrested for sodomising and then murdering a six-year-old boy in Harsh Vihar area.
The incident occurred on August 11 and after committing the heinous crime, the accused, joined in the search operation with the victim's family. The family found the child to be missing for several hours and started looking out for him in which the accused joined to show fake sympathy.
According to police sources, the accused assisted the victim's father till 4 am.
On the day of the incident, the accused had consumed whiskey. He saw the deceased, called him inside the construction site and forcefully sodomised him. Later, the complainant's son told him that he will tell his father about the sodomy. On this, he strangulated him and killed him. He disposed the dead body in a nearby nursery and fled from there.
Police sources told Millennium Post that after the murder, Ramniwas buried the child in sand and locked the room in the plot and joined the boy's family in their search.
DCP (north east) Ajit Kumar Singla told police personnel to use a tracking dog and the canine took the team to the exact area where the incident happened.
"We came to know about the accused who was working at other construction site. When he got to know that police wanted to question him he fled the spot," said the DCP.
On September 1, Harsh Vihar police was able to made the arrest.
Talking about the days spent by accused after the murder, one of the investigator stated that he went to Barielly where he sold one of his phone for Rs 100 and another one for Rs 400 to a shopkeeper as he was knowing that he can be tracked down and he also had no money.
"The accused started working as a rag picker in Barielly area. During interrogation he claimed that he had not made any plan where to escape as he did not have any whereabouts to hide," said the investigator.
According to DCP, he thought that the raids are over so he returned to Delhi but he was caught.
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