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Man kills wife for refusing him money to buy alcohol, held after eight days

Gurugram: Chided continuously for the consumption of drugs and anger that was further fuelled over the refusal of giving money to purchase some more intoxicating substances a husband murdered his wife. He was finally held by Gurugram police after eight days on run.

The accused has been identified as Arvind (28) while the deceased has been identified as Anjali.

According to the complainant (the deceased's father), the two had married a year ago and was living in a rented accommodation in Bilaspur where Arvind used to work as a menial worker in one of the industrial units.

The complainant added that though Arvind used to consume alcohol, off – late he also began consuming psychotropic drugs and began to ask money from his wife.

He was already angry about being rebuked for his drinking habit but he further got enraged after Anjali refused to give him money for purchasing drugs

On May 14, in the fit of rage, he strangulated his wife and hid her body in the storeroom and escaped to his hometown of Balia.

The body was recovered after two days after the landowner found a stench coming from the room.

He then informed about the incident to the cops where they found the rotting body of Anjali.

Upon realising that she was a native of Gurugram, her family members were contacted and later a formal complaint was lodged by Anjali's father where he named Arvind as the main accused.

"Arvind has confessed of his crime and said that he did it because he was enraged over Anjali not giving him money for drugs. He also was not happy with Anjali making it public of his habit of consuming drugs," said a senior police official from Gurugram police.

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