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Man killed in Gurugram, travel agent arrested

Gurugram: On December 23, 2018, the Chauhan family residing in a small town in Rohru in Himachal Pradesh, saw off their 28-year-old son Lalit. Their wish was fulfilled after Lalit told them that he will be working in Europe as a hotelier and would leave Delhi soon. What transpired on thereon was no less than a heartbreaking tragedy for the Chauhan household. Just two weeks after Lalit left his hometown, he was murdered brutally in Gurugram by his relative and travel agent Lokesh. It seems to be a case of blind murder as the two had an argument over the payments to be received for the tickets.

What was even worse was that last rites of Lalit were conducted by Gurugram police as no one came forward to identify the body. Worried over no contact of their son, father of Lait first lodged a complaint at Rohru police station in Himachal Pradesh for his missing son first in March 2018. Subsequently, the family came to Gurugram and lodged a complaint at a Gurugram police station after which the law enforcement officials ultimately launched an investigation in the case. Six months after the incident, the Gururgam police cracked the blind murder case and arrested Lokesh in Delhi on June 21. According to the law enforcement officials, Lokesh has confessed to his crime and has been sent to the police custody.

As per the officials, Lokesh had earlier helped Lalit go to Thailand for work where he worked for two years. He then came back to the country and thought of going to Europe where he felt there were better prospects for his growth. After getting an assurance from Lokesh that the tickets to Europe will be organised, he called Lalit to Gurugram where he used to reside.

During this process, the two had an argument over payment. On January 5, Lokesh took Lalit to Leisure Valley ground where he made him drink heavily. Later he murdered him by beating him multiple times with a sharp object and left the body. His body was finally cremated by Gurugram police on January 11 after no one came to identify him. Interestingly, for Gurugram police also there was a feeling at first that this was not a murder case and perhaps Lalit would have died due to excessive drinking.

It is also believed that during the time of investigation, the family of Lalit also met Lokesh who also was able to deceive them. He, however, could not deceive the investigating officials who began to suspect on him from the very beginning. Realising that he may be arrested soon, he tried to escape from the clutches of law enforcement officials by escaping to Delhi where he was finally arrested on June 21. As the case was finally cracked by Gururgam police, the Chauhan family realised that not only they lost their Lalit but they were also unfortunate of not conducting his last rites.

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