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Man held for shooting cop left his BA course midway

Gurugram: The revelations that have come to fore over the arrest of Anshul aka Khali has once again highlighted that you do not have to be poor to be a criminal.

Anshul who in his late 20's had done the first year when he took a plunge in the world of crime in the year 2013.

He first stole a Swift Dzire for which he was jailed for three months in Rohtak. Rather than reformation it only worsened the matters as in the jail he met a top gangster named Dahiya where he learnt the tricks of the trade.

When he came out of the jail besides being involved in the thefts he was also involved in attempts to murder in cases of Haryana and Delhi.

On Saturday when his bid to kidnap the businessman was foiled he hot at the policeman thus injuring him grievously. Co-incidentally the car in which he was travelling with his gang members was also stolen from Panipat.

The arrest also signified the growing number of gangs growing in the northern areas of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan where bright individuals who have excelled in sports and academics joining the ranks. Being the richest city in Haryana, Gurugram for long has been impacted by such gangs.

Besides the main gangs, there are also various small gangs that have ensured law and order challenge in the city.

A whopping amount of Rs12 crore was recovered from the busting of 53 gangs by Gurugram police last year. Some of these gang members in the process also resulted in the exchange of gunshots between the officials and the culprits.

Police sources in the Crime Branch maintain that there has been a reduction in the dangers posed by the deadly gangs of Gurugram since most of their leaders have either been eliminated or arrested.

However, the sources also conceded that the danger from the gangs and their members has still not fully been removed.

Our officials are well trained to deal with criminals who attack us and proper procedures are adopted. Even as challenges remain the Police has reduced the influence which these gangs used to possess at one point of time, said a senior police official from Gurugram Crime Branch.

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