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Man gets 14 years in jail for raping eight-year-old neighbour

NEW DELHI: A Delhi court has sent a 40-year old man to jail for 14 years for raping an 8-year old girl, saying such people had perverted minds, carried "animal streak" who would ravish anyone.

Asserting that they should be dealt with firmly, Additional Sessions Judge Seema Maini, while awarding rigorous imprisonment to north Delhi resident Rajvinder Singh, said the victim was of tender years and "her suffering at the hands of the convict cannot be expressed in words."
The victim "has been left to lead a life devoid of life," the judge said in her verdict, adding that such victims "lose interest in life" and develop misandry, hating men all their lives and losing faith and trust in all relationships.
The court also imposed a fine of Rs 20,000 on the convict to be given to the victim child, who would also be given Rs three lakh as compensation as per the provisions under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act.
"It needs to be kept in mind that penetrative sexual assault/rape are offences, which are the outcome of perverted and evil minds of people who not just lack sensitivity and emotions but are carriers of animal streak in them, who ravish anyone who comes in their sight ... irrespective of the victim's age and circumstance. Such sexual offences have far reaching ramifications," the court said.
According to the complaint, Singh, a neighbour of the victim had on August 18, 2014, taken the girl to his house and raped her.
Singh claimed that being a neighbour, the victim's parents often quarrelled with him due to which he has been falsely implicated in the case.
He also sought leniency saying his wife had expired and has to take care of his four minor children.
Dismissing his contention as flimsy, the court said "such an offence having been committed with the child makes it imperative that the offender is dealt with a firm hand."

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