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Man cooks robbery tale to cover up Rs 14 lakh theft

New Delhi: Delhi Police have arrested a man for robbing Rs 14 lakh, which he had falsely reported to have been stolen from him by unidentified miscreants on Sunday.
Accused Ramu Poddar, a driver by profession, had filed a complaint with police on Sunday that he was robbed off Rs 14 lakh, that he has collected on behalf of his employer, near Kasturba Nagar flyover.
He said that while travelling on his motorcycle, he took an alternate route to avoid police picket as he was riding without helmet.
In this route, he said he was confronted by four men who robbed him and slashed him on the neck with a knife.
In the course of the investigation, the police team grew suspicious over the nature of injuries on Poddar's body.
The investigators contacted doctors over the nature of the wounds inflicted on Poddar and, within no time, doctors confirmed that the injuries were self inflicted.
"Suspicious over the nature of injuries, our team soon realised that the story of the robbery has been cooked up by the complainant as the nature of injuries were self inflicted. We soon sent a team to analyse the route taken by the complainant, which further nailed his lies," said Deputy Commissioner of Police (Shahdara) Nupur Prasad.
Personnel from Vivek Vihar police station also travelled on the route that Poddar claimed to have been roobed on. Surprisingly, they found that the route, which Poddar claimed took 45 minutes for him to cover, took only five minutes to cover.
The team returned to the police station, convinced that something was fishy in the case and were suspicious of the complainant's role.
They then interrogated him at length and Poddar soon spilled the beans.
"The victim later turned out to be the mastermind of the robbery. He concocted the story of the robbery and slashed his own neck, so that the story of robbery could be sold off as genuine. The robbed amount was recovered after his confession," said Prasad.
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