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Maid, her minor son nabbed for murder of elderly couple

Maid, her minor son nabbed for murder of elderly couple

New Delhi: The Delhi Police on Monday claimed that they have solved murder case of an elderly couple who were found dead inside their house on January 26 in South-East Delhi's Amar Colony area. The investigating agency arrested the deceased's part-time maid and apprehended her son for killings.

According to police, the motive behind murders was robbery and they have recovered approx 9 lakh rupees, gold jewellery from the accused who are the residents of Sangam Vihar. On Republic Day, the decomposed bodies of Virender Kumar Khaneja (77) and his wife Sarla Khaneja (72) were found lying on the floor.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (south-east) Chinmoy Biswal claimed that during investigation, one domestic help, who used to work on a part-time basis for massage and visited the house of the deceased once or twice a week, to give massage to Sarla Khaneja was examined. "On seeing the footage, she vehemently denied the person seen in the footage as his son. Thereafter, suspicion rose on the version stated by the maid and search of her son was made," said DCP Biswal.

On January 28, police apprehended maid's son and examined him. The response of domestic help and her son was evasive and they even tried to mislead the police but later both mother-son duo broke down. Accused stated a few days ago she saw deceased Virender Khaneja keeping some cash in the locker of the house. In order to earn quick money, she along with her juvenile son hatched conspired to kill and rob the elderly couple.

In the morning of January 18 at about 11 am, the accused woman in a routine manner went for a massage at the house of the deceased and on getting the opportunity, she quietly opened the house door and her son entered the flat. After finishing her job, she left the house, whereas, her son secretly remained inside the house. In the afternoon at around 2:30 pm, deceased Virender Kumar Khaneja left the house. "In his absence, juvenile son of the accused asked the deceased woman for cash and jewellery but she stated that her husband knows about the cash and jewellery. On this, the juvenile strangulated the deceased Sarla Khaneja. Thereafter, he kept on waiting for Virender Khaneja," said DCP Biswal.

In the evening, at around 8:30 pm, Virender Khaneja returned home. He opened the door with his own spare key. On entering the house, the juvenile overpowered Virender Khaneja and forcefully snatched key of cash drawer from him. Since the identity of the juvenile was exposed, he also strangulated the deceased and dragged his body in the bedroom.

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