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Machine to curb air pollution soon

New Delhi: With air pollution already on the rise, a group of individuals has claimed to have invented a machine that will help curb the problem. The machine is yet to be introduced in the market but its innovators have already started spreading the buzz. Speaking to the Millennium Post inventor of the machine, called -2.5, Debayan Saha said that it was created observing the current scenario of air pollution globally. "Our technology uses a combination of electric energy and wave energy to influence the physical properties of the pollutants like PM 2.5 such that they act like magnet, attracting other particulate pollutants from the ambient atmosphere to get attached to it," he said.

The machine is automobile based and will be deployed inside cars, buses or any other vehicle. "One device deployed in a vehicle, will potentially neutralise the pollution that has been produced by like ten other cars," he added.

Delhi has started witnessing the first scenario of

air pollution, with AQI going from 'poor' to "very poor", as some areas crossed the

index of 300. However, stubble burning is being blamed for the unbearable conditions that have instilled the national capital.

Residents have already started complaining about the irritation in throat and nose due to the current air of the city. "You can feel the itching in your throat and nose, already," said a resident of Mayur Vihar.

With air pollution a hazard to the people of Delhi, state government has geared up and is coming up with plans to curb the situation. Meanwhile, Saha said that they are trying to talk with the authorities, to sell them the machine. "We are in talks with governments, international bodies like the

United Nation and World Bank; and numerous corporations. We are not selling it to the common people, but will it give to people and activists who are doing Eco-friendly and environment friendly activism," he added.

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