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LS polls: Caste equation one of key obstacles in Congress, AAP alliance

LS polls: Caste equation one of key obstacles in Congress, AAP alliance

New Delhi: The caste equation seems to be one of the key obstacles in alliance between the Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) for Lok Sabha polls in Delhi. Political pundits believe that there are basically two major hurdles in the alliance. First, the AAP has declared its candidates for all the seven seats and the other reason is the differences on choice of seats sharing based on caste equations between the two parties.

With declaration of the candidates on six seats, the AAP has limited the space for the seat division, said a senior Congress leader. Especially on the three seats, that the Congress party considers to have stronghold, the AAP has fielded such candidates who don't suits with caste equations in the constituencies, he added.

Citing caste equations the Congress party claims its stronghold in South, East, North East and North West Delhi constituencies. It may be mentioned that the AAP has fielded Raghav Chadha from South Delhi, Atishi from East Delhi, Dilip Pandey from North East Delhi and Gugan Singh from North West Delhi. Out of these, Chadha, Atishi and Pandey are not looking in the mood of compromise.

With both parties sharing a similar vote-bank-minorities, scheduled castes, OBC and people living in slums and resettlements colonies-the exercise has been become difficult.

While North-east Delhi has approximately 21.05 per cent Muslims, 17 per cent and 14 per cent Scheduled caste and 14 per cent backward caste voters here. Similarly, in east Delhi Parliament constituency has 15 per cent Muslim voters, 17 per cent Scheduled caste and 22 per cent backward caste votes.

It is pertinet to mentioned that AAP has fielded all six candidates, while Congress and BJP did not announce candidate name's yet.

Based on Congress party's formula on castes, in the South Delhi there are 35 per cent voters from Jats, Gujjars and Yadavs and other OBC community and only 12 per cent Punjabi Khatri and Sikh voters. This equation do not suits the candidature of Raghav Chadha from South Delhi constituency.

Meanwhile, the South Delhi constituency comprises 19 per cent SCs, 10 per cent Punjabi Khatri, two per cent Sikh, nine per cent Brahmins, five per cent Vaishya five per cent Muslim, five percent of Jat, 10 per cent Yadav Gujjars and 20 per cent other backward class voters.

On the other hand in East Delhi there are 17 per cent SCs, 15 per cent Muslims, six per cent Gujjars-Jats, thus the Congress party believes is in favor of any backward or Muslim candidate for the seat

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