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Local gangs try to recover their lost ground in Gurugram, cops on alert

Local gangs try to recover their lost ground in Gurugram, cops on alert

gurugram: Some of the recent arrests made by the Gurugram Police have highlighted a major law and order challenge on how local criminal gangs are once again trying to recover their lost ground.

Despite top bosses and henchmen either being arrested or absconding, other gang members are making sure that they continue to have dominance in one form or another. The influence and power of these gangs recently came to fore after a shooting incident in Khor village in Pataudi where two brothers were shot dead in broad daylight. As per officials, a tussle between two criminal gangs in controlling the liquor business led to this brutal killing.

Most of these criminal gangs are trying to function from outside Gurugram urban centre. Besides being involved in burglary and murder incidents, the members of criminal gangs have also begun to extort money from local businessmen by intimidating them. According to police, some of the major criminal gangs that are presently active in and around the city are Lawrence Bishnoi gang, Baradh gang and Vikas Langarpuria gang.

The Gurugram Police last week arrested certain henchmen of Lawrence Bishnoi gang and in turn seized a large cache of weapons from them.

According to officials, their major challenge lies in making sure that small gangs that get into criminal activities first by committing petty street crimes do not grow into major criminal groups.

"To a great extent, we have been able to reduce the influence and criminal gangs in Gurugram and are trying to make sure that the wanted criminals who are absconding are quickly arrested," an official from Gurugram Police said.

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