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LNJP doctor claims he was thrashed by CISF men at Shahdara station

New Delhi: A practicing doctor of Lok Nayak Jaiprakash Hospital has alleged that he was beaten up at the Shahdara Metro Station by a few CISF personnel and prompting the paramilitary force to order a probe even as it rejected the charges.
In a Facebook post, Dr Lakyshaya Beriwal, narrated the incident occurred on Saturday morning and alleged the involvement of CISF personnel posted at the security check point of the busy station.
Beriwal updated his FB timeline, "I entered Shahdara Metro Station at around 8.45 am and by mistake I kept my bag on a wrong table to which the CISF official said to me very rudely- Tere liye alag se police wala bulau kaya..(Should I call another official for you only) Chal bag udhar rakh... (keep your bag there). I asked very politely to not speak in such manner to which official responded by saying "Sitaare nahi dekhey hai kya mere" (Can't you see stars on my shoulders). When I said I am a doctor, please behave properly, he said "Tu hoga apne ghar me doctor.. main nahi maanta.." (You are doctor in your home, I don't believe it). He held my shirt collar and dragged me to the remand room. Meanwhile, two-three more personnel joined him, inside the room.
The doctor alleged that they started beating him with their lathi without even saying a word. "They kept beating me on my back, hips and face. Moreover, they snatched away my mobile to avoid any evidence. All time they were abusing me and used all sorts of cuss words," the doctor added.
He also alleged that he was continuously pleading to let him go but they kept beating him for 10-15 minutes.
When contacted, the CISF said the doctors was only asked to write an apology letter for his behaviour with the security personnel, and was neither "manhandled" nor "thrashed."
The official also said that the doctor tried to escape the check point at the station. Later, he had been fined and asked to leave. According to the source, the alleged official has been suspended and an inquiry has been ordered into the episode.
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