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Liquor vending to be closed in Ggm

Liquor vending to be closed in Ggm

GURUGRAM: Despite the lockdown, the Haryana Gov-ernment allowed the functioning of liquor vending units by placing it under the category of food and consumable items.

Facing flak over the move the state excise department has now planned to close down the vending units.

The decision to close the liquor vending units is taken after taking into the note of a large number of people who gather at such places and thereby pose a risk by not practising social distance.

"At a time when shops that sell major items are shut in Haryana, operations of liquor vending units in the state are disappointing. This is the time

when citizens require medicines and not liquor. Having raised this issue, I am pleasedthat the Haryana Government has decided to close the liquor vending units," said Deepender Hooda, the senior Congress Haryana leader.Hooda along with various other citizen groups had criticised the government of not closing the liquor vend-ing units. He alleged even in the time of state leaders and its bureaucrats were trying to favour the strong liquor lobby operating in the state.

It has been now more four days since Gurugram has been under lockdown. Most of the major services in the city are prohibited. Amid this certain Business processing offices (BPO') serving foreign clien-teles and liquor vending units were allowed to function.

Despite these two sectorsbeing a major source of revenue for Gurugram, their operations have resulted in many questioning the motives of the government and its officials.

"I understand that we can allow the economy of Guru- gram to go down but at this time it is definitely not appro- priate to let these sectors operate. I am happy that the government has decided to close the liquor sale shops as the delay in doing so would not have sent a right message," said Raghav Dayal, a city resident.

It is important to note that not only Gurugram but even in the state of Haryana, liquor sales is a major source of rev- enue. This financial year the liquor sales in the district has generated a revenue of Rs 662 crore surpassing the target of Rs 580 crore that was set by the government.

With the excise policy already announced the dis- trict authorities have now set at the target of Rs 800 crore in its excise revenue collection from Gurugram in the coming financial year.

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