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Lack of parking spaces resulting in vehicles towing in Gurugram

Lack of parking spaces resulting in vehicles towing in Gurugram

Gururgam: Lack of effective parking spaces in the city again reveled with 3111 vehicles that were towed away and 464 autos that were towed.

In February, this figure was much higher than the figure in January where 1689 vehicles and 308 autos were towed in January. In the past, the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram has come up with schemes of free parking inside the basement of the malls to using vacant areas as parking spots. Yet, the schemes have not proved to be successful in resolving the parking woes.

In a city where parking brawl have led to people committing crimes, the mafia has found a major opportunity to mint huge bucks. Recently one of the major parking mafias was busted in Gurugram where the mafia encroached upon the government land in Sector -54 and began to use it as a parking space demanding exorbitant sums form the commuters.

It has also come to the notice of the public officials that how people using the fake identity are demanding more than the prescribed amount of parking fee in commercial sectors of 29, 44 and 56 that witnesses number of traffic. Subsequently, an investigation has been initiated into the matter.

With the city reeling under the challenges of traffic mismanagement and lack of walking spaces, there have been various campaigns launched in the past to remove encroachments from the footpaths.

Sources in the Gurugram Police also highlighted that the numbers of complaints from the residential sectors were also increasing.

"In the social media of Gurugram Police, the Police receive maximum complaints on traffic challenges in the city. Most of the citizens have complained that wrongly parked vehicles are one of the major causes of traffic problems in the city," said a senior official from Gurugram police

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